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Double your dating chances of winning


By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. There are 6 balls chosen randomly from Double your dating chances of winning and you have to match all the balls to win.

I buy one ticket. If I buy two tickets with different numbers for the same draw, do I double my chance of winning the jackpot. Yes, you do double your chance of winning. The probability of winning with one ticket is the chance that the 6 drawn balls are one specific combination, i. Basically, the reason it is doubled is because winning one ticket and winning the other ticket are mutually exclusive, i.

If there was a chance of winning both, the chance would be less than doubled. In your lottery, all bills are unique. Suppose that there is a lottery where all tickets are thrown in an pool.

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There is only one prize. The ticket that is randomly selected gets the prize. There are already 50 tickets sold. Does "winning the jackpot" mean exclusively? If so, then the answer is "no" because there is no mathematical formula that can predetermine how many tickets will be sold.

If "winning the jackpot" means "picking the winning numbers," then yes, your odds of winning increase proportionally with the number of unique tickets you buy. So if there are 6 Double your dating chances of winning combinations, your first ticket is 1 in 6 million, and it increases with each ticket you purchase:. It depends on how you choose the second ticket: If you choose the second ticket independently, you do not double the chance of winning, since there is a non-zero chance of getting a ticket with exactly the same numbers -- after all, in this kind of lottery you can choose the numbers, and you cannot prevent two persons choosing the same numbers.

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If you choose the tickets carefully such that you have two different number sequences, you indeed double the chance of winning. The expected value of the win is typically doubled because expected value is additive. However, as you mention 6 out of In this type of lottery the prize sum depends on the tickets submitted, not even this is true: If you have one ticket ans are the sole winner, you may win a million and if you are the only winner with two identical tickets each of these may win only half a million, so it may happen that there is no increase at all.

Currently for the mega millions there are , different combinations of numbers. The latter odds is twice that as the first. Let us say there is a lottery where there is tickets but there will be only 1 prize. This is a game of chance, nothing to do with probability. Buy 1 ticket and Double your dating chances of winning chance of winning the prize is 1 in Buy 2 tickers and your chance of winning is 1 in 99 and not 1 in 50 as most people think.

The rational is as follows: Therefore it is unmistakable that you have a looser. It follows then that you may have the winner, so mentally you discard 1 as a loser and maybe the other is the winner reducing your chance to only 1 in 99 and not 1 in 50 as many go on believing. Thank you for your interest in this question. Double your dating chances of winning it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. If I buy 2 lottery tickets do I double my chance of winning? What's the correct formula here?

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Rickie 29 1 1 2. You double the probability of having your combination drawn.

Winning is more complicated, since in standard lotteries the jackpot is fairly often shared. The reason why lotteries are successful is a lot simpler, the prize is less than the cost of tickets they sell. A simple corollary of this is that the expected value of a ticket is less than its price. Though it does not answer the question, I have to remark that you double your expected loss by being two tickets unless the organisers have made a massive mistake.

Double your dating chances of winning cases like this you can always logically check your results: The difference is when you play the lottery two times in a row! Then your chance is not doubled! MihirSinghal I suspect R. He was responding to Falco's comment.

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It depends on the lottery. So your odds are improved, but not doubled. I guess this is where the confusion on the internet is from. It seems quite evident in the question that the winning combination is drawn independently of any tickets sold and so quite possibly nobody gets the jackpot.

So the "another lottery" stuff is just a needless diversion; don't add confusion that is absent in the question. So if there are 6 Double your dating chances of winning combinations, your first ticket is 1 in 6 million, and it increases with each ticket you purchase: Under these assumptions, the probability of winning with either ticket is the same, and they are mutually exclusive, so may be added.

Bernhard 3 7. I just wanted to clarify this "Double your dating chances of winning," since this apparently causes the confusion in the internet the OP was writing about So let me get this right. If I have a 1 in 14 million of chance of winning the lottery, if I buy a further ticket with a different sequence of numbers to the first one for the same draw my chance of winning is slashed to 1 in 7 million?