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Adhd and dating reddit


My new "Adhd and dating reddit" has sever ADHD. My boyfriend and I have been together for just over a month now. When we met, sparks flew. I had never in my life met a guy who was so amazing and so into me. We started hanging out every day, he met my daughter right away and started staying at my place every night.

The third night we hung out, I ended up at his place for the night and the next day we stayed in bed all day and talked and fooled around. A few days later, we had sex and it was amazing. By the end of the first week he told me he was falling in love with me. He told me I give him a funny feeling in his belly and major butterflies and that no girl has ever made him feel this way.

Back up just a bit From the time he was 12 to 19 he was with the Adhd and dating reddit girl, then was a bit of a whore, then from the time he was 20 to 26, he was in another relationship.

So I know he doesn't have commitment issues. For the past 8 months, he was single and hooked up with a lot of girls. He was once again, a whore.

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Ok, so, I'm having a hard time figuring out if this is the real deal, if he is just playing games, or if his ADHD is causing the problems. He was all hot and heavy, told me he loved me, pretty much moved in, wanted to get me pregnant and have a family.

Then, a week later, he started pulling away. I discovered that he was still talking to 2 girls that he used to sleep with, both of which have feelings for him. He was with me everyday after work and I always knew where he was, so I know he wasn't actually physically doing anything "Adhd and dating reddit" anyone else. Anyways, we got in a fight, I caught him dancing with one of the girls who he would text and I told him to leave.

But the next day, we had a big talk and we have been good since, other then the fact that we don't have sex anymore. He is so random and confusing. Although, I'm still confused about the "no sex" after already Adhd and dating reddit sex 3 times.

He isn't as affectionate, and loving as he was at first. Some days he is better then others. I like affection, I crave it. But he rarely gives it. So, keep in mind, he lives with me full time, his daughter stays here when he has her, he says he loves me, he likes being with me, we Adhd and dating reddit about the future.

He even deleted the POF app on this phone, so he isn't using it anymore. But, he still talks to those girls one more then the other. Am I being played? Does he really love me?

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I'm 26, he is I am mature, Adhd and dating reddit my own home and run my own business. I'm looking for help from people who have experience with ADHD. As much of the issues that have arisen with us, seem to be typical issues when it comes to dating someone with ADHD.

It's just a bit hard to tell. Originally Posted by Crystalleigh. Uh, yeah, that's what it is, my ADHD Wait, has he told you he is has ADHD?

For an ADHD woman, you...

Why are we so quick to make excuses for people's crappy behavior? And we are masking it with an disorder!

This situation makes no sense, besides the fact that you moved a grown man into your home after a month. He started treating you like crap after a week.

Now your daughter is exposed to this. This doesn't sound ok. Current Activity - Fist Pumping like a champ!! I know, it all sounds crazy. He isn't a bad guy, really. Adhd and dating reddit is actually a fantastic father and he is really good with my daughter. He isn't full moved in I guess, only has a few clothes here and his tv etc, everything else is at his place.

He just stays here because I want him here And he wants to be here.

My issue here is the hyper focus. He does have ADHD, bad, plus some other issues that he has Adhd and dating reddit open with me about. He is also open with me about when the two girls say to him. He doesn't hide or lie about talking to them. One of them, he doesn't really talk to now, she just bugs him sometimes, and the other one is in his group of friends.

She messages him and he will read me the messages. I just wish he wouldn't talk to her, which I have been told by my guy friends that I'm just insecure.

Labelled disruptive from childhood and...

He says "I'm here, everyday, not anywhere else. If I didn't want to be with you, I wouldn't be. Oh, and he still hugs me and kisses me, just isn't crazy affectionate and lovey like he was a first. And yes, he was open with me about his ADHD. He was diagnosed when he was in Adhd and dating reddit 2, reassessed when he was in grade 11, and was just reassessed a few months ago.

He definitely isn't a walk in the park, that's for sure. He says that I'm a challenge and it's a good thing because I keep him on track and on his toes.

He's not a psycho or anything. It all sounds much worse then it is. I Adhd and dating reddit just randomly meet him either, he is a friend of a friend and also a family friend of my cousin.

Everyone I know tells me to just calm down, including my mother. I over analysis everything because of my past. I'm just trying to figure out the ADHD thing and get advise on how to not worry about his randomness and distractions. Don't make excuses for him. It's too early to be going through so much BS with him. This is the honeymoon phase - he's supposed to be sweeping you off you feet and on his absolute best behavior! If he's being an ass this soon it's only going Adhd and dating reddit get worse, it will not get better.

It's only been a month. Ditch this guy Adhd and dating reddit you become more invested in and attached to him.

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is...

The loneliness feels lousy for a while, but just as you met him, you WILL meet someone else. Trust me on this one, because I've been there. Knowing that, why tie yourself down to someone who's putting you through so much drama? There are plenty of guys out there who actually know how to treat a woman with respect, but as long as Adhd and dating reddit hold on to this loser, you're missing out on them.

Go back and re read. I'm not talking about the dating site now. As I said, we fraught, broke up, re assessed and things have been good since then. I am asking for advise about ADHD!! About hyper focus and Adhd and dating reddit distractions and indecisiveness. I'm not blaming the disorder on the "looking to cheat". That was all just an attention thing, I know that now. It's been discussed and figured out. Just to appease you, let's say it's all about the ADHD.

Do you think it's going to change? You will have to live with his "symptoms". The ex was on Adderall and even then I couldn't go through with the relationship. We're not trying to attack the guy with malice. I think everyone who has posted here cares about your well-being, and the well-being of your daughter.

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