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Hetalia dating sim quizes


Just as the title says. My first quiz ever! Finished England, America spain ending. Thinking about doing something for Italys next. England's ending got screwed up!

I have to redo it now! I don't have one, I have three: The colors of my flag!

Online games doesn't only focus...

Who do you want to get? I did not use google translate! I actually know these things. America all the way!!! Nihonde wa, kawaii to omotte iru.

The call just says "Europe". What do you do? Answer it right away! It could be Ita-chan!! Probably that douche England ohonhon. I won't answer it. It's probably that frog bastard I wouldn't either. It would be rude otherwise. I totally wanna answer it!! Regardless of how you feel, you answer it anyways. I was just gonna call you! Hello Prussia-san, how are you doing?

What do you want? Hello, it's nice that you called. Was there something you needed? You totally invited the awesome me and others to a party at your house, but never gave us you address. As in this Hetalia dating sim quizes. Did you really forget? The others called me to get your address since I'm the only one awesome enough to have your number.

Hetalia dating sim quizes

You think, but you say True enough I guess. I am just as awesome as you after all. That's not why you have my-wait I never gave you my number!!

Just give me the address Dude, you really flatter yourself huh? Well I live at Nice Try Prussia, but that kind of attitude is ridiculous. I'll text everyone now.

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Oh, and just so you know who's going to be there besides the awesome me: Now, the awesome me must hang up as cool as a little chick! You stare at the phone for a minute, then remember that Better supply lots of maple syrup!

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