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Martin and tichina dating sim

Former Martin star Tichina Arnold...

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I watched the series finale of Martin on TV One and I noticed that they did film the finale but they never shared any scenes together except for that split screen and even that was edited. Dec 18, 2.

Supposedly he sexually harassed her on set and she left the show. Dec 18, 3. I think Tisha accused Martin of sexual harassment and physical threats.

Dec 18, 4. Dec 18, 5. They were friends with benefits but then Martin became jealous of her relationship with Her husband. Dec 18, 6. Dec 18, 7. I made a thread about it awhile back I'll have to find it. Dec 18, 8. Dec 18, 9. Dec 18, Do we do this shit every 6 months or what?????????? Folks say everyone knew that Martin and Tisha were fucking. But she got serious with Dwayne Married and Martin didn't respect it. Martin and tichina dating sim her on set.

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