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This Demonstration report presents a summary of the findings, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction with the month TEP Power Partners pilot project. The objective of the program is to provide residential customers with energy consumption data from AMR metering and empower these participants to better manage their electricity use.

Transparent exopolymer particles TEPusually associated with phytoplankton blooms, promote the Andy hnilo adrienne maloof dating of marine aggregates.

Their exportation to deep waters is considered a key component of the biological carbon pump. Here, we explored the role of solar radiation and picocyanobacteria in the formation of TEP in oligotrophic surface waters of the Atlantic and Andy hnilo adrienne maloof dating Oceans in ten on-deck incubation experiments during the Malaspina Expedition.

L-1 than on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean 8. Solar radiation induced a significant production of TEP in the on-deck experiments from the surface water of the Pacific Ocean, reaching values up to L-1 compared with the low production observed in the dark controls. By contrast, TEP production in the Atlantic Ocean experiments was lower, and its formation was not related to the light treatments. TEP production in the on-deck incubation experiments was closely related to the observed cell decay "Andy hnilo adrienne maloof dating" of Prochlorococcus sp.

The evidence to propose such potential role was derived experimentally, using natural communities including the presence of several species and a variety of processes. Laboratory experiments with cultures of a non-axenic strain of Prochlorococcus marinus were then used to test TEP production by this genus. TEP concentrations in the culture increased with increasing cell abundance during the exponential phase, reaching the highest TEP concentration at the beginning of the stationary phase.

TEP concentrations were low on the ocean's surface although these concentrations were significantly higher on the surface of the Pacific L -1 than on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean 8. L -1 compared with the low production observed in the dark controls. Heat pipe system performance. A part of the investigation is summarized of the thermal anomalies of the transmitter experiment package TEP on the Communications Technology Satellite CTS which were observed on four occasions in Specifically, the possible failure modes of the variable conductance heat pipe system VCHPS used for principal thermal control of the high-power traveling wave tube in the TEP are considered.

Further, the investigation Andy hnilo adrienne maloof dating how those malfunctions may have given rise to the TEP thermal anomalies. Using CTS flight data information, ground test results, analysis conclusions, and other relevant information, the investigation concentrated on artery depriming as the most likely VCHPS failure mode.

Included in the study as possible depriming mechanisms were freezing of the working fluid, Marangoni flow, and gas evolution within the arteries. The report concludes that while depriming of the heat pipe arteries is consistent with the bulk of the observed data, the factors which cause the arteries to deprime have yet to be identified. Thioester-containing protein 1 TEP 1 is a central component in the innate immune response of Anopheles gambiae to Plasmodium infection.

These results suggest a Andy hnilo adrienne maloof dating by which selective pressure on the TEP 1 gene results in functional variation that may influence the vector competence of A. Molecular basis for genetic resistance of Anopheles gambiae to Plasmodium: Hydroxyapatite HACa10 PO4 6 OH 2, the stoichiometric equivalent of the ceramic phase of bone, is the preferred material for hard tissue replacement due to its bioactivity. However, bioinert metals are utilized in load-bearing orthopedic applications due to the poor mechanical properties of HA.


Consequently, attention has been given to HA coatings for metallic orthopedic implants to take advantage of the bioactivity of HA and the mechanical properties of metals. Since its introduction in the 's, however, concerns have been raised about the consequences of PS-HA's low crystallinity, lack of phase purity, lack of film-substrate chemical adhesion, passivation properties, and difficulty in coating complex geometries. Thus, there Andy hnilo adrienne maloof dating a need to develop inexpensive reproducible next-generation HA film deposition techniques, which deposit high crystallinity, phase pure, adhesive, passivating, conformal HA films on clinical metallic substrates.

The aim of this dissertation was to intelligently synthesize and characterize the material and biological properties of HA films on metallic substrates synthesized by hydrothermal crystallization, "Andy hnilo adrienne maloof dating" thermodynamic phase diagrams as the starting point. Films were crystallized in a 0.

Thermodynamic phase diagrams demonstrated that the chosen conditions were expected to produce Ca-P phase Andy hnilo adrienne maloof dating HA, which was experimentally confirmed. In the marine environment, transparent exopolymeric particles TEP produced from abiotic and biotic sources link the particulate and dissolved carbon pools and are essential vectors enhancing vertical carbon flux.

We characterized spatial and temporal dynamics of TEP during the VAHINE experiment that investigated the fate of diazotroph-derived nitrogen and carbon in three replicate dissolved inorganic phosphorus DIP -fertilized 50 m3 enclosures in the oligotrophic New Caledonian lagoon. During the 23 days of the experiment, we did not observe any depth-dependent changes in TEP concentrations in the three sampled depths 1, 6, 12 m. Temporal changes in TEP concentrations paralleled the growth and mortality rates of the diatom-diazotroph association of Rhizosolenia and Richelia that predominated the diazotroph community during P1.

By P2, increasing total primary and heterotrophic bacterial production consumed the supplemented P and reduced availability of DIP. During P2, increasing bacterial production BP was positively correlated Andy hnilo adrienne maloof dating higher TEP concentrations, which were also coupled with the increased growth rates and aggregation of the unicellular cyanobacterial Group C UCYN-C diazotrophs that bloomed during this period.

Laparoendoscopic single site totally extraperitoneal TEP hernia repair showed to be a feasible alternative to conventional laparoscopic hernia repair; nevertheless single site surgery, with the loss of instruments triangulation can be a demanding procedure.

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We present in details the technique and the preliminary results of DV-SS TEPto our knowledge the first cases reported in literature. In Marchthree consecutive male patients mean age Feasibility, codification of the technique, operative time and perioperative outcomes were recorded.

All the procedures were completed as scheduled, with no conversion to other techniques. Mean operative time was Patients reported satisfactory postoperative course, with no recurrence of inguinal hernia and satisfaction in cosmetic result at 6-month follow-up.

DV-SS TEP inguinal hernia repair showed to be feasible and effective surgical option for bilateral groin hernia repair. Patients' outcome was uneventful, with optimal cosmetic results. The sign of the thermoelectric power TEP has been found to be extremely sensitive to oxygen adsorption in single walled carbon nanotube SWNT bundles []. These findings are consistent with those reported in SWNT bundles, and a theoretical basis for the photo-induced oxygen adsorption will be presented.

Comparison of Alcian blue and total carbohydrate assays for quantitation of transparent exopolymer particles TEP in biofouling studies. Transparent exopolymer particles TEP and their precursors are gel-like acidic polysaccharide particles. Both TEP precursors and TEP have been identified as causal factors in fouling of desalination and Andy hnilo adrienne maloof dating treatment systems. For comparison between studies, it is Andy hnilo adrienne maloof dating to accurately measure the amount and fouling capacity of both components.

However, the accuracy and recovery of the currently used Alcian blue based TEP measurement of different surrogates and different size fractions are not well understood. In this study, we compared Alcian blue based TEP measurements with a total carbohydrate assay method. Three surrogates; xanthan gum, pectin and alginic acid; were evaluated at different salinities.

This highlights the importance of reporting both particulate and precursor TEP for membrane biofouling studies. The calculated concentrations of TEP and their precursors in seawater samples are also highly dependent on type of surrogate and resulting calibration factor.

A linear correlation between TEP recovery and calibration factor was demonstrated in this study for all three surrogates.