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How to hypnotize someone into having sex


How could you resist such an awesome offer! This guy is so full of shit it probably leaks through his noise. Do you think his "desire system" could be real or do you think this is just a scam?

I need a guide that helps me attract androids. My anti-virus detected nothing. I think its just a bullshit advertising video that tries to make you buy stuff.

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Haven't detected any mailware or anything of the sorts. Wonder why How to hypnotize someone into having sex else seems so desperate for sex. He should have charged 69 dollars instead. Also, as Technician said, do you really have to ask if this is a scam? Also, why not just date a girl and not be a freak, or go trolling bars for some girl with low standards?

Not necessarily, but probably it will be some long tirade about his own exclusive PUA Pickup Artist technique involving concepts that the AFC Average Frustrated Chump who isn't getting any cannot possibly know, and how it will make you make women wanna screw you just by throwin' them some sleek moves your "game". Nothing new here, moving right along. My friend's dad told her he came with his wife and she ran away.

I like the one with the sick red neck.

First off, I'm not a...

It says some bull about million infected. It then tries to sell you some diet or supplement. Ads seem to have gotten a little wiser, but it's all some scam at the end of the day. Still you have to admit some leave you with a laugh and a WTF? The real crazy stuff is on the shortwave broadcast bands. Idiots are looking for quick solutions.

Like people that think as long as they keep growing their beard, their favorite team will not lose. Like, did he focus group test this read: No more'n eighty bucks. Gawd damn son, I can go to Layla and she'll do most anything I want for fifty. The hell I need hip-no-tizzm for? What, and you think she needs depth perception to cop a guy's joint?

How to Hypnotize Someone into...

You jes' laugh it up. You weren't the one under her when that glass eye popped out an' landed in yer throat. Goddamn near choked to death.

Second thought, eighty's too rich for'm blood. Sixty-five'd be pushin' it. I've been to a pair "How to hypnotize someone into having sex" mass hypnotism shows. Like you just go along with it because you want to. The woman that I saw hypnotize people if you didn't do what she said when she said, you were sent off stage, since you're not hypnotized.

So in theory the girl was already okay with fucking and if it works you didn't need the hypnosis in the first place. Well according to Paul McKenna. Hypnosis only works in a suggestive fashion.

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