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Cheesy christmas songs


Christmas is just around the corner which means department stores have been blasting the same cheesy music over and over since they put down their Halloween decorations.

From carols to Motown classic,...

If you're tired of the same old Christmas time music than these 20 non-cheesy songs are for you. Note, while we've numbered this list, these are in no particular order.

Time of good cheer? Not...

This is what happens when you take a classic tune and slap on an electric guitar to it. The effect is pretty mesmerizing actually.

Warning, this Cheesy christmas songs not the Christmastime song you think it Cheesy christmas songs. Father Christmas tells the story of a department store santa who got mugged by a bunch of kids for his money instead of toys as it's more practical. It's also been covered a million times since was first released in This song is not from that movie.

I wasn't kidding when I said I had a track for every music lover. Relient K have actually released two Christmas rock albums so far, pretty impressive weird? Not entirely a Christmas song but more of a winter inspired one.

1. "Last Christmas" - Wham!

This is a great alternative to rest of the pack. Here's a truly original Christmas song.

It's not the dance-blast type music you'd expect from LCD Soundsystem and it's definitely not a song you'll want to play while under the missle toe, unless you're into that sort of thing, I won't judge.

Perhaps one of the most electric takes of Little Drummer Boy out there. Be warned, it's an electric guitar orgasm. This is pretty much what one would expect from a blink Christmas song. Cheesy christmas songs is for the narcistic ones out there. It helps if you look at the fire log and pretend that it's the one that's singing.

Weezer - The First Noel

Here are some great Christmas tunes for any type of music lover. Here's one for the people who made it to the naughty list this year. Here's a great track for euro-pop lovers out there who just want to dance around. A punk rock take on Christmas? Share Cheesy christmas songs article Text. Top 10 Best Halloween Songs. Famous Musicians Who Died Young.

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By Emma Bridges. 30 songs.

season is all about. Here,...

Play on Spotify. 1.

When the stresses of the...

Driving Home For ChristmasChris Rea • The Works. 2. Last ChristmasWham!.