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My girlfriend used to hook up


Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of I questioned who was calling her at 4am, she said it was a guy who My girlfriend used to hook up used to hook up with back in the day, who has just moved here. I'm pretty annoyed by this, she assures me she told him she had a boyfriend now.

I'm annoyed that she keeps in contact who previous hookups, especially if they're calling at 4am. I'm under the belief that past relationships are in the past for a reason. I don't keep in contact with previous hookups while in a relationship. Am i wrong for being mad here? I think it's pretty disrespectful and makes me think she keeps him there for a potential hookup at some stage. Last edited by white-goodman; at Originally Posted by white-goodman.

So last night my girlfriend gets a couple phone calls around 4am from some dude.

I don't keep in contact with even previous hookups while in a relationship. I'm going to talk to her calmly about this, not get mad at her, get My girlfriend used to hook up side of the story. I just saw a couple txt's between them I'm seeing someone at the mo so don't think it'd be a good idea" him: GJDM for checking her phone, you had a right to be suspicious. Dump this hoe and don't look back.

Oh and I was going to advise you to do that even before I read your last post. Why would you want to 'talk to her calmly'? Don't be a My girlfriend used to hook up. Keep your self respect. You know she's going to lie to you, and you know full well what's going on even if you don't My girlfriend used to hook up to believe it. Why would you want to drag it out? Last edited by Ironbru; at Originally Posted by nondualism. I never have a problem with my girlfriend keeping up as friends with exes.

They're exes for a reason and if she really wants to fukc around, she's going to. I'm a guy who works with women I'm an RN so I need the girls I date to be cool with that too - so there's gotta be coolness the whole way through. Calling at 4AM is suspect, but it may be nothing at all. They can never achieve anything for themselves, so they must continually put down those who do. Originally Posted by pocketrockette. Originally Posted by Ironbru.

Fuk that I wouldn't talk to her after seeing the texts, I would ignore her and move on. She's talking to a old hook up that way. Move on she's no good. Need update OP, your not in prison are ya. Haven't talked to her about it yet, probably tonight at dinner. So in about hours. Originally Posted by FunkDaddy. Wtf do those last two texts mean, sounds like they're backwards Honestly dude, she sounds like it's hard for her not to cheat Could u ever really trust her now?

The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics. Dude I looked through my girls cell before and I saw something. I called her out on that sh! Lettuce be real they would do the same.

Originally Posted by FunAndSun. If someone is calling her at 4AM Either she shapes up or ships out.

You never stated how long...

Don't put up with that crap. You are worth what you think are are worth. Do you think you are worth your girl's ex calling her at 4am and her telling you "oh its nothing baby?

I didn't think so. Dump that situation or dump her.

Do not be another guy that puts up with whorish behaviour. Dump her, all that needs to be said. Under other circumstances I would ask if the relationship My girlfriend used to hook up worth saving to you.

However, you're about to go away. Without you around I doubt she'll be as inclined to say no to his advances. Ergo, get out now. Your girl has a lack of respect for you OP. Sounds like her commitment to you isn't up to par for a healthy relationship.

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Her conversation with dude should have ended after telling him shes involved. LMAO "trying" to be a good girl - thats weak as fuk bro. You say you like her alot, so firmly let her know whats up. If she crosses the line again, kick her to the curb. Well, if it were me, she'd be gone. Yeah, this privacy invasion bs is another sign to move on. Hope it works out.

Originally Posted by Brahesthetics.

If they come back, set em on Fire. By TheMisker in forum Misc.

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