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Legal memorandum sexual harassment


She is very good friends with another police officer, Sonia Santiago. They are both of Cuban descent and thus are fluent in Spanish. They chose to have conversation in Spanish while at the precinct. Robert Legal memorandum sexual harassment another officer at Swan Lake became annoyed because he felt that Officer Jones and Santiago were mocking him in another language.

Hence, he proceeded to complain to the commanding officer Lt. Reynolds about the situation. The Lieutenant proceeded to institute an English Only policy at the Police station. He stated that the use of another language was only to be used in the Police Station for police business such at interpreting witnesses, etc.

When she entered she noticed that Fields and two other officers were viewing pornography on a television. If you Legal memorandum sexual harassment we can turn off the TV and you could entertain us!

On August 3, Officer Jones was in her patrol car when a call came in stating to be on the lookout for a red Toyota Camry being driven by a white male in his forties. The description was based on an anonymous tip. The tipster stated that the driver had a grenade that he was intending to use to blow up minorities. Two minutes later she saw a man and car that fit the description. She followed the car as it observed all traffic laws. Afraid for the life of others she pulled the man over and searched his car.

He had no grenades, he was let go. One month later Jones and Santiago was seen Legal memorandum sexual harassment Spanish in the precinct so she was fired for insubordination. The plaintiff must first establish a prima facie case of discrimination or retaliation. To establish a prima facie case of discrimination, the plaintiff must show that: In the case of Velasquez v.

The employee also never told supervisor that she believed that the policy was discriminatory. In the matter of Pacheco v. New York Presbyterian Hosp. In the matter of Kania v. Archdiocese of Philadelphia the courts found that Legal memorandum sexual harassment relief of ethnic tensions in a valid business justification for the implementation of an English Only policy.