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Kenyan women white men

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Most Kenyan women claim they prefer white men because, unlike their Kenyan counterparts, they are, among many other reasons, more loving, caring and romantic. But my argument has always been that romance is a concept unique to western cultures.

And again, given that both men and women participate in it, why "Kenyan women white men" it only men who get judged harshly on their romance skills? To make matter worse, there is no socially sanctioned manual, tutorials or even a course to teach men how to be romantic. Men are left at the mercy of blue movies, which, again, are illegal in Kenya Jeez, ladies, are you seeing how difficult it is being a Kenyan man?

And even if one were to access such, those available in third-world countries such as Kenya are the low-budget ones where the dominant themes include speed, stamina, and the erroneous perception that size really matters. For instance, most Kenyan men's idea of that thing called foreplay is hard spanking, vulgarity, yelling and barking orders!

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And we have been made to believe that when she is not tearing sheets apart, speaking in tongues; loud enough to attract the attention of Neema National Environment Management Authoritycurling toes and generally writhing wildly like one stung by a scorpion, we have done zero work.

Basically, society has ill-equipped Kenyan men in regard to wooing skills. And because no woman will listen to you if you seduced them in Kiswahili, we struggle to do it in English.

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