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Chinese dating iranian woman

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Arabic, Persian and central Asian traders travelled there, and some settled and married locals. These immigrants are thought to be ancestors of the Hui people, the second largest Muslim community in China.

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They have much in common culturally with the Han Chinese dating iranian woman, aside from the religion inherited from their ancestors. The Capital tells the story of a truck driver from a village in northern Iran and has been popular since its inception in But it became more of a talking point in its third season two years ago when the plot featured the marriage of the Iranian man to a Chunchang, a Chinese waitress he meets on his way to Iran from Turkey.

Recommended by her teacher for the role, she has now overtaken the likes of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan as the best-known Chinese face in Iran. Many people want to take photograph with me. The new plot line sees Chunchang go missing, leading her Iranian husband on a journey that takes him to the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square.

The jobless rate was climbing. It meant a lot for many Iranians to see a foreigner taking part in one of their TV series and speaking the Persian language.

Zhang and The Capital may foster more exchanges between the two countries. There is no official data for the number of Sino-Iranian intermarriages. But Zhang is convinced her TV union is just one of many in real life: Television drama is a reflection of reality.

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